Fuel Supplier Cutting Off Iran on Behalf of Israel

The Swiss trading company “Glencore” is cooperating with Israel and reducing oil supplies to Iran while continuing to ship to Israel in order to force Iran to negotiate over its nuclear  program, according to the Paris-based Intelligence Online newsletter. “Although it doesn’t hesitate to deal with countries even more isolated than Iran, Glencore appears to have abandoned Tehran in favor of one of its oldest and most loyal customers, Israel,” the newsletter said.Glencore has been exporting oil to Israel since 1973, but the company’s operations are considered among the most secretive in the world. Former Israeli commandos are the bulk of its security personnel.

The trading company is the legal successor to Marc Rich and Company. Rich, who once held a majority of Glencore, is not directly connected with the company today but is known to have “secretly co-operated with Israel’s intelligence service Mossad and even with the U.S.  State Department,” he recently told Daniel Ammann, author of “The Secret Lives of Marc Rich – The King of Oil.”

Rich, who was born to a Jewish family in Belgium before his family fled to the United States, used to buy oil from Iran and sell it on to Israel.

Glencore had been one of the three principal suppliers of gasoline to Iran, which lacks refining capacity for its needs, but has reduced its exports to Iran since the reelection of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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